ANTI-AGING: The Ultimate Disease Prevention.

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We may know that anti-aging works but if we don’t live what we know, nothing will change.

I’ll be 75 in two months at the time of this writing.  But, I real age test at 36, fitness test at 32 and score excellent in the 20 to 30 age group for males in the Rockport VO2Max test.

When health and anti-aging are the topic of a conversation, invariably someone will ask “What do you (they) do?”  Equally as important but almost always overlooked is “What do you (they) don’t?”  If you’ve ever looked at sales or have gone to a sales seminar about how to promote sales where health is concerned, you’ve undoubtedly heard the presenter tell you that your sales will increase if you include a phrase or text that states something along the lines of “You don’t have to change anything, just take this my book, etc.”  If whatever caused the problem isn’t changed or eliminated nothing will change except your bank balance.

If you live in a house and the roof leaks every time it rains, you freeze whenever the temperature drops below 70 degrees F. or the foundation is collapsing, would you take someone’s advice that all you have to do is paint the house, ignore the problem, don’t bother to look for the causes and the paint will cure the problem?

If you were driving down a mountain road, your brakes weren’t working and you were fearing for your life, would you take the advice of someone who tells you to just close your eyes, take a pill and ignore the problem?

If the answer to the previous two paragraphs is no, why would you do that where the most important item you have in your life is concerned.

This body is the only one, my house, that I’ll have at least for this time around.  Like my car, in order to keep it running in top shape, I have to do preventative maintenance, put good fuel in and keep it clean whenever possible.  I say whenever possible because I love the out of doors and there are times when it’s muddy or sweaty out there and it’s not always possible to stay clean.  Besides, remember when you were a kid and it was fun to grub around in the dirt.  Well be a kid again, it still is fun as long as you don’t have to live your whole life like that.

I don’t like being sick or feeling poorly and I make a poor patient.  Others who I love and like don’t like me when I’m a poor patient and it’s my responsibility to see that they don’t have to put up with someone who’s disagreeable.  My health and well being are also my responsibility.  No one knows me better than I do.

In my future posts, I will show you what I have learned over the last 33 years as a freelance writer on health, fitness and anti-aging.  I will also be posting pictures and hopefully video of exercises and stretches I use.  Plus, I will include my routines, diet and more.

I only use photos I have taken on my websites.