Winter And Nature Photography.

Very often in our local newspaper there’s a little piece called “Heard Recently.”  For the past couple of years one of the items in that column has been about the low snow pack in the mountains that surround us.  That hasn’t been the case this year. 



During the summer our bird feeder needs to be filled about once every two months.  During the winter it’s unusual if it goes two days without being refilled.  The small birds, chickadees, juncos and sparrows pick through the seeds and throw the large ones, like wheat, out on the ground.  The quail and doves come in and clean up under the feeder.  During the summer they pay us back by getting bugs in the garden.  We have a lot of fly catchers that build nests under our porch overhang and in the eaves of other buildings.  It’s a treat to sit next to the pond in the cool of the evening and watch the birds and bats diving and swooping on bugs that are skimming the top of the pond water.


                                                                   The bird in this photo is a chickadee.

Soon, I’ll have the free Autumn Into Winter photo album available.  You will be able to receive it when you opt-in to my new nature photography website here.  And, you’ll be able to access the free album through my Facebook page.

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I also have a new website under construction that will have nature photos plus nature based health and wellness information.  Did you know that interacting with nature can lower depression, anxiety and stress.


Positive Attitude Lowers Stress.

Did You Know: a positive attitude can lower stress, depression and high blood pressure?

Modern medicine has long disconnected the brain from the body and treated health problems in one area as separate from the whole. New research is finding if you’re a positive type person who looks on the brighter side of life, it can effect both your physical and mental health.

Scientists from Harvard and Boston University analyzed the personality style of 1,306 men and then tracked the health of these men over a 10 year period. At the end of the 10 year period, the pessimistic men were twice as likely to be depressed and develop heart disease. The optimistic men were much healthier overall than the pessimistic men.

A study conducted by researchers in Finland found that over a four-year period, men with a pessimistic disposition were three times more likely to develop hypertension and high blood pressure than their positive peers.

A positive attitude balances your blood sugar. A 2015 study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois found that optimists had significantly healthier blood sugar levels than pessimists.

It lowers your body mass index. The same 2015 University of Illinois study also found that people with positive outlooks had a lower body mass index than people with a gloomier view of life.

A positive attitude boosts your immune system response. Your immune response is connected to your feelings of well being. Your feelings of well being is connected to your levels of stress. Researchers in a 2006 study examined the personality traits of 193 volunteers and then exposed them to a common respiratory virus. The people with a positive personality style were less likely to develop symptoms of the virus than their negative peers.

A boost in immune system response improves your recovery time. A 2015 study found that optimistic people were less likely to be readmitted to the hospital after a heart attack. Optimistic people recover faster and more completely than pessimistic people. Whether you’re recovering from a minor surgery, a heart attack or cancer, optimism has been shown to help you heal. Optimism lowers stress and reduces depression.

An optimistic outlook not only lowers stress it has also been proven to help you live longer. A recent study from the University of Oxford found that optimism decreases your risk of dying. Pessimists had an 18 percent higher risk of dying from any cause over a four-year period.

How can you teach yourself to be more optimistic? Here are some simple techniques:

  • Cultivate friendships with positive people. Optimism is contagious.

  • Find a positive phrase, a healing mantra that works for you and make reciting it a habit.

  • Avoid dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Stay in the present.

  • Look for the good in every experience even the ones that seem really bad.

  • Keep a daily gratitude journal and write down all of the positive things in your life.

  • Focus on the things you can change for the better in your life, be proactive about changing them and remove what you can’t change from your life and thoughts.

Some of the popular information about optimism says that you should learn to accept the things you can’t change.

…You always have options…

If you believe that learning to accept something that doesn’t work for you is the answer, remember that you still end up with something that doesn’t work for you.

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Snow Is Not Far Away.

Snow isn’t here yet but it was creeping down the mountain this afternoon.  With the snow comes new opportunities for nature photos that can help relieve stress. The picture below was taken last winter at the back of our property and shows some of our raised garden beds, part of out orchard and our greenhouse.  My wife is taking a Permaculture course, I’m planning to take it sometime this winter, and she is drawing up plans for next spring and summer.  We WWOOFed (worldwide opportunities on organic farms aka willing workers on organic farms) one summer and may be looking for apprentices next year under that program.  Do a search and you’ll find more information on how you can travel worldwide snow-in-back-prop400-lg-w-markwhile working to advance organic farming and gardening methods.  Organics can help save the environment.  GMOs is a four letter word for junk food.





Health Snippets For Lowering Stress.

pond-reflections-700x360Stress relief information you may not know: aromatherapy can lower stress levels.

Certain essential oils and their aromas have the ability to lower stress levels and mellow you out.

Combing aromatherapy with nature photos and natural sounds, like the sounds of a stream, can be as effective as drugs and they have no dangerous side effects.

Dill is one essential oil that is seldom thought of as having therapeutic effects. Dill oil is one of the oils that can lower stress, reduce anxiety, relieve panic attacks and help alleviate the effects of depression.

You can increase the therapeutic benefits of dill by combining three drops of dill oil with two drops of lavender oil and two drops of lemon balm oil and using the combination in an aromatherapy diffuser. The oil’s relaxing effect creates a soothing feeling that assists in relieving panic, anxiety and stress. The combination’s minty, sweet and spicy mix of aromas also helps relieve cramps and improves the quality of sleep.

The Free Photo Page.


1st-lrm-coma-overlayFree photo(s) are a smaller pixel size, smaller photo size, have a larger watermark and are not as crisp as the full sized versions on the Bronze and Silver members page.  The watermark,, must remain on the free option photos. If the free version is increased in size you will loose resolution, the photo won’t be as high quality, you won’t be able to see it as clearly.  All free versions are the same original quality as the subscription photos except a smaller pixel size with a larger watermark. Reducing pixels requires the software remove pixels which reduces photo crispness.  

You have permission to copy and use the free photos for personal use only.  Commercial use of any or all photos from this website requires permission in writing or email from Larry R. Miller through the contact email address available on this website.

Enjoy, participate and regenerate with nature.

Reduce Stress and Depression With Visual Imagery.

Most of us have read or heard about visual imagery and how it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and help with depression.  But, what can we use to stimulate the mind to get the most from it?

Hundreds of studies have proven that nature and nature scenes are one of the best ways to enhance the mind for increasing visual imagery capabilities.

Copying and using the photo below on your desktop as an aid can help you increase your visual imagery results.


Stress Reduction, Telomeres And Shinrin Yoku.

What is Shinrin Yoku and how can it lower stress?

Direct translation from Japanese is “Forest Bathing.”  What is meant by that, or translated in to the English meaning is, immersion in nature.

Are you interested in enhancing your life?  Quality nature photography may be the answer you’ve been looking for?

Research has shown that a natural setting can lower stress.  Research has also shown that stress directly affects the length of your telomeres. Telomeres are the protective end caps on the end of human chromosomes. As we age, telomeres can shorten due to many factors, including tension, infection and chronic disease.

Telomere length is a determinant where lifespan is concerned.  The longer the telomere length, the longer your life expectancy.

Would paying thousands of dollars to go to a Shinrin Yoku retreat, plus the costs of getting there and back and what you would lose in revenue from work lower your stress levels?  Probably not.

Research and information from ground level has proven that viewing nature can lower stress levels almost as much as being in nature.  If you can view a specific type of natural setting or nature photography, on a daily basis as you feel necessary, it may be possible the effects would be greater than spending days at a retreat.

A combination of nature sounds, aromatherapy and specific types of nature photography have the prospect of lengthening telomeres and extending longevity.  I found no studies on the connection between soothing nature sounds and telomere length.  Research shows loud noises and traffic sounds shorten telomere length, therefore soothing nature sounds should lengthen them by contributing to overall health.  Soothing, relaxing music and nature sounds reduce tension.

Many readers have commented on the attached photo as being one that makes them feel relaxed, less stressed and happy.  Copy it, put it on your desktop and see if it helps you during stressful times.


x-mas-cactus-150-wmarkThe photo is dedicated to my Facebook friend Valdo Francisco on his 38th birthday.  Hope you had a great day.

How To: Lower Stress With Free Nature Photos.

Is stress a problem in your life?  Did you know: Nature photos can effectively lower stress and reduce depression without dangerous drugs.  A lot of people have commented that the photo below lowers their anxiety, stress and makes them feel happy.  It’s free so copy it and place it on your desktop and see if it has positive results for you.


Other Larry R. Miller nature photos can be seen here:


Stress and Magnesium. Did You Know That…?

Did you know:

Magnesium loss can be magnified by many physical and emotional factors. Stress can greatly increase magnesium loss. Low magnesium escalates stress levels. Even loud noises can increase magnesium loss. if you’re low on magnesium, your body can’t efficiently remove toxins. Magnesium loss increases in the presence of certain hormones.

Magnesium deficiency is influenced when you don’t get a good night’s sleep. While it’s possible to attain benefits by increasing your magnesium intake, treating sleep disorders is extremely important. Stress and fibromyalgia are only two of many that are exacerbated by loss of sleep.

Irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, candidiasis and other gut disorders can severely limit the amount of magnesium that the body will be able to absorb. The body doesn’t assimilate supplemental magnesium as readily as it does from whole food sources.bok-choi-750

Which foods are best will be in new articles plus there will information on how you can use my nature photos on your blog, social media and other places, all posted here in the weeks ahead.

For Sale By Owner.

Property is in Columbus, New Mexico, zip code 88029. Possible sale at this time 11-23-16

Property includes main house and studio apartment. Some photos are of main house, some show studio apartment (casita in Spanish) and one shows the small workshop. dsc_0063 Main house and dsc_0074


dsc_0081dsc_0082dsc_0083casita have 1 bedroom and 1 bath each. Each has separate water, sewer and electric hookups and separate meters. Both have LPG gas ranges, main house has LPG water heater, studio apt. has under counter electric water heater. Both are steel frame, super strong, super insulated, straw bale construction. Double pane windows, solar heat source from south facing sun room/solarium/atrium. There are entryways on main doors for extra insulation from heat and cold and a small wood stove in the living room. Living room could be partitioned to make extra room. The office could be made into a dsc_0084


spare bedroom.


The property is on the edge of town with city water and sewer. All ceramic tile floors and counter tops.


Can be winter home or year round. Perfect for people who are caregivers. We were caregivers for my mother the last ten years she was alive and having separate units worked extremely well. The caretaker for us may want to stay. That has worked out very well for us as non full time residents.


The above pictures are the main house.




Since the studio apartment can be used as a rental, I don’t have any interior pictures.  The last picture is of the workshop/toolshed.  The studio apartment has a single car carport on the west side and a two car carport on the east side.

Close to Mexico for dental, medical and pharmaceuticals at reduced prices. Has large percentage of area residents who are pilots and vintage aircraft aficionados.. Multiple private airstrips. Columbus is the birthplace of the USAF. Lots of service help available at reasonable prices. Good highway to Walmart, supermarkets and shopping in Deming, NM. High speed internet, cable TV or satellite dish, cell phone reception and landline telephone. Low maintenance property with drought resistant, flowering desert trees, shrubs and cactus. Roof gutters are plumbed for watering shrubs, trees and plants around the house. Has a small workshop and full hookup RV site. RV site has separate gate/entrance. We had nice summer and winter gardens. The winter gardens were sunken with gardeners plastic row covers. The water would condense on the inside of the row cover during the night and freeze when it was cold enough, then thaw and drop back into the gardens during the day, saving both water and labor. No earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, if it snows it’s gone in a few hours, well staffed and stocked local library with free computers and access to the high speed internet. Has a small arts community.

You can email me at and we can set up a time to call.  I’m difficult to catch near a phone and I don’t carry a cell phone.  Use house for sale in the subject line so the email doesn’t end up in the trash.